Running Cost: Legislative Aides challenge federal executive on transparency 


The Conference of National Assembly Legislative Aides (CONASSLA), a forum of current and former aides to members of the House of Representatives and the Senate has called on the President, Vice-President, wife of the President, Ministers and Heads of Agencies and parastatals of the Federal Government to disclose what they receive as running costs.

In a statement signed by CONASSLA chairman and secretary, Abdullahi Almustapha and Funmi Oyekan respectively, the body said the request stems from openness of the National Assembly in recent times, with the disclosure of the running costs of Senators.

It alleged that the President in the 2018 budgetary made available over N900million for the running costs of cars while the National Security Adviser’s budget rose to over N1.14billion among others.

CONSSLA said In the interest of full disclosure, and in-line with the transparency agenda of President Buhari’s government, the executive branch should publish the full list of running costs of all the offices and individuals within its purview.

It added that failure to do this will be an infringement on the trust of the Nigerian people who elected the government to curb excessive spending and official largesse by public office holders.


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