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2019: Prepare for Allah, not election, cleric urges Muslims


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The visiting Imam of Al-Ilal Crescent mosque, GRA, Ilorin, Abdul Yassar AbdulQadir has advised Muslims to prepare for the Day of Judgement by engaging themselves in good deeds adding that, this world is not a place amusement.
According to him, many Muslims politicians and electorates are only concerned and the preparation for the 2019 election instead of Allah (SWT)
He said this on Friday while delivering the Jumaat sermon (khutba) to herald the traditional two rakat congregational prayers adding that no matter how long Muslims leave in this world they will definitely return back to Allah.
The Imam further said that death is inevitable for everyone and urged Muslims to be ready and prepared to answer the call when the time comes.
He tasked Muslims to follow Allah’s instruction and not to follow their heart desires to avoid the wrath of Allah(SWT).
“Some Muslims have knowledge about Allah and yet they disobey Allah. Those who engaged in such act will face the wrath of Allah.”
AbdulQadir also encouraged Muslims to prioritise and not to delay the time of Salat adding that they should observe the five daily prayers as at when due.
He said some give different kind of excuses when it’s time for Salat but what kind of  excuses will they give for death when its time.
AbdulQadir said some Muslims are seriously preparing for the coming 2019 election and forget about Allah and the Day of Judgement adding that unknown to some, they might not witness 2019 poll if Allah has decreed it so.
The imam said that, every Muslims dream of Janat but they don’t want to work towards it forgetting that paradise is not for free.

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