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Combating crime through good governance (IV)


With Saliu Woru Mohammed

Continued from last Monday

I have mentioned earlier that Bukola Saraki is a lover of education during his two-term as the State Chief Executive. He however continued this as the Senate President and supplied customised textbooks, notebooks, other instructional materials, computer systems to selected schools in his senatorial district and also constructed blocks of classrooms with students and teachers’ furniture in different schools within the constituency.
Saraki continued his empowerment programme as demonstrated during his administration as the Chief Executive of the state by distributing hundreds of sewing machines, grinding machines, motorcycles, tricycles, among others valued at millions of naira aimed to alleviate the sufferings of his people and deterred them from engaging in any act of crime and criminality. He also provided motorised borehole with overhead tanks at Apaade, Ogbondoroko, Dangoari-Iju village, Ofin-Ada, Igboroko, Kere-Aje, Budo-Egba, Sokoto village, kelebe compound, Agbaji Okekura/Alanamu, Odo-Ode village, Aboto, Budo Egba town, Abemi, Okeweru, Oniyere village and Idi-Ori village just to mention but a few to alleviate their suffering over potable and drinkable water.
Therefore, crime prevention and detection is the responsibility of all and sundry. If a crime free society is to be achieved, all segments of the society, the people, the federal, state and local governments must join hands with the law enforcement agents in the on-going fight against crime and criminality in the society. The various arms of government can combat crime through good governance as done by the Senate President during his time as the Governor of the Kwara State. Let us therefore join hands with him in moving the state to the next level.
Dear readers, there is no gain saying that good governance can enhance a crime free society, therefore let government at all levels emulate the good virtues of the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in using good and purposeful governance achieve much needed crime free society for the overall benefit if the people.

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