Top 25 Influencers Shaping the Future of Healthcare


As technology evolves, so do the industries that have long employed technology in their everyday practices. If a technological leap is significant enough, it can come to re-define industry standards and practices. Healthcare is an industry which garners universal demand across borders, classes, and financial lines. The future of healthcare is a topic that pertains to everybody, and influencers who are helping to craft that future must be paid close attention to. These influencers play various roles within the future of healthcare, yet each of them lend a unique voice to a dialogue that has great implications on the future of humanity.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan: Dr. Harsh Vardhan is a man whose life experience ranges far beyond the health setting. As an Indian politician, Vardhan is the incumbent Minister of Science and Technology, Environment, Forest and Climate Change, and Earth Sciences. Even with those accolades, it’s his past as the State Minister of Health for India in the 1990s that is more reflective of his career as a doctor after attaining a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. He is now a certifiable political figure, but remains true to his medical roots and is in tune with the future of the field. To be continued

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