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Bukola Saraki: Architect of a crime-free modern Kwara (I)


With Saliu Woru Mohammed

The Bukola Saraki’s two-term tenure as the Executive Governor of Kwara State no doubt brought joy and happiness to the people and the state with tremendous development in both human and infrastructural development which reduced crime and criminality in the society. It was a period when people laid on their beds with their two eyes closed, pursuing their legitimate duties without fear of molestation.

The best brains were assembled as political aides or Chief of Staff and the commissioners contributed to the unprecedented and commendable achievements of the administration. The tenures of Alhaji Abdul-Ganiyu Cook Olododo, Ladi Hassan and Dr. Ali Ahmad as Chief of Staff added glamour to the success recorded by the administration. They performed their duties diligently and creditably, were courteous and indeed friendly in the discharge of their duties to the electorates.

It was the good old period when the electorates enjoyed dividends of democracy without tears. The aides of the Chief Executive of the State were very accessible, wore smiling faces always thereby making crime and criminality unattractive through distribution of dividends of democracy and job creation to the jobless, particularly to the unemployed graduates who are prone to engaging in crime.

Bukola’s administration was popular for having passion for good governance. The administration created good relationship not only with the electorates but with the State House of Assembly, thereby making honourable members to discharge their constitutional functions very well. Through the enactment of relevant laws which provided strict penalty for criminals, Kwara State became a “No Go Area” for bandits and their allies.

The administration worked day and night to ensure that the state remained a state of peace and harmony through the execution of people-oriented programmes. In a nutshell, the administration was committed to the general welfare and well being of the citizenry.

In his giant stride to combating crime, the administration established Shonga Farms and the College of Aviation among others all aimed at creating job opportunity and improve economic activities of the state. This effort paid off in combating crime and criminality as people were gainfully employed and kept busy. The administration had respect for the rule of law, human dignity and human value. Most importantly, the administration tackled the activities of youths engaging in cultism by making good laws through the House of Assembly. The collaboration worked very well, as the state witnessed drastic reduction in crime and criminality.

To be continued

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