BEAUTY TIPS: Get perfect eyebrow line with gel


Anything worth doing at all must be done right. If you must wear makeup, then you should be ready to invest in getting some pro knowledge.

Getting a pro makeup look is not rocket science. Like with every profession, there are guiding principles set aside to help you get the job done. Here are some tips for getting your brow on fleek:

Use the right tools.

* Keep your hand as steady as possible.

* Take your time; do not be in a hurry.

* Blending, blending, blending, this cannot be over emphasised. To get the perfect finish for your brow, ensure that you blend out the concealer with care. You may use some foundation in a shade closer to your skin tone than the concealer to achieve a smooth colour transition.


Brow and Lash Spoolie

Eyebrow Gel

Angled Brush


Concealer Buffer Brush

Stippling Brush

Angled Cut Brow Brush


Ivest time and effort in your makeup game and watch the sleek outcome to stay beautiful.

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