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Bukola Saraki: Architect of a crime-free modern Kwara (III)


With Saliu Woru Mohammed

Continued from last Monday

To mention but a few, the under listed are some of his constituency projects executed and completed which cut across his senatorial district, more to follow in the next write up because the followings are the tip of the iceberg.

He constructed and completed a Block of 2 Classrooms with furniture at:

(1)          Oke-Ebo Primary School, Pakata in Ubandawaki Ward,

(2)          Mount Carmel Primary School, Oloje in Oloje Ward;

(3)          Junior Secondary School, Alore, Oloje Ward;

(4)          Junior Secondary School, Banni, Ogidi Ward;

(5)          Ansarul-Islam Primary School, Kuntu, Adewole Ward;

(6)          College of Arabic and Islamic Studies Junior Secondary School, Adewole Ward;

(7)          Local Government Education Authority Primary School, Ita-Alamu in Warah-Osin, Egbejila Ward;

(8)          Shuban LGEA Primary School, Ilorin in Alanamu Ward;

(9)          Abata Abayawo Junior Secondary School, Ajikobi Ward;

(10)        LGEA Primary School, Anifowoshe, Ubandawaki Ward;

(11)        Gerewu LGEA Primary School, Warah-Osin/Egbejila Ward;

(12)        Apalara LGEA Primary School, Adewole Ward.

Dr. Bukola Saraki has created a nitch for himself, he is a road builder, a silent reformers and achiever and most importantly the architect of modern Kwara. Considering the foregoing, there is no doubt that the Ilorin community and Kwara State has gained tremendously in the area of distribution of dividends of democracy. It is therefore expedient for everyone in the state to rally support for him as the 2019 General Election is fast approaching. The youths and the aged have to reciprocate his gesture by supporting his dream of creating a better Nigeria.

We should refuse the urge by some desperate Abuja or Lagos based politicians who are out to discredit him. We should resolve today to support and join his moving train of progress and development. As a good friend of the people of Ilorin, Saraki is single handedly handling the Agaka Water Project in Ilorin metropolitan, which will soon be completed for the use of our people. As a true Muslim, Saraki is embarking in massive reconstruction of Agbaji Mosque and other Mosques across the nooks and crannies of Ilorin metropolis. He continuously sponsors huge numbers of Muslim faithful to the holy land of Mecca and Medina to perform Hajj on yearly basis.


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