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Nigeria needs divine solution to its problems -RCCG  Pastor


Stories by Joke Adeniyi-Jackson

Pastor Gideon Majekodunmi of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has urged Nigerians to seek the face of God for the country’s current predicaments.

In his sermon during Sunday service at the Vine Parish, Olorunsogo, Ilorin, Kwara State, the clergyman stressed that the country’s myraid problems defy human solution.

“We need to understand that our government cannot help us.  It is only God that can solve the problems of Nigeria,” he emphasised.

According to him, the leadership class is at loss as to salvage Nigeria from imminent collapse going by recent happenings in parts of the country especially the orgy of blood lettings.

He therefore urged Nigerians to turn to God at this time in order to get divine assistance.

The pastor also urged Christians not to lose hope when they find themselves in undesirable situations, assuring that hope is on the way if they have faith.

“We should cry to God for help when the problem being faced is beyond human power and confronted with battles you cannot win.

Narrating how God assisted Jehoshapat to win a war against three countries that formed alliance against his country, when he called on Him for help, he urged Christians not to put their trust in human.

Speaking on reasons believers should seek help from God, Pastor Majekodunmi said God is capable of turning around one’s story like he did in the case of the biblical Jabez.

He further said: “He can make you to be ahead of others like he did in the case of Abraham and Jacob.

“God said in His word that He is the creator of the heaven and the earth and there is nothing too hard for Him to do,” he added.

The pastor, however, said believers must surrender their all to God in order to enjoy His help, support and assistance in all their endeavours and their Christian journey.

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