Clara and the mysterious serial killer


By Abdulwahid Abdulgafar

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Clara did as she was instructed but was ready for anything that could happen and protect her life at all cost. So she decided to stay up all night and protect herself and her two cats. She went to the kitchen to get any weapon she could lay her hands on. Clara looked out of the window and the masked man was there again.

She was terrified and quickly got the biggest knife in her house and in less than two minutes he was at her doorstep. She didn’t know what to do. She tried calling the police but found her telephone lines dead. Few minutes later he found his way into her apartment.

She was determined to put an end to the mindless killings. Clara became courageous as she held tightly the big and very sharp knife. The killer was in her house looking for his victim not knowing she was hiding under the bed ready to strike. Suddenly she heard the siren of the police car approaching.

The killer entered the room she was hiding and as soon as he came close to where she was hiding, she struck him hard on the leg cutting a major vein, which made him fall to the ground and couldn’t move. When she noticed this she quickly ran out of her hiding place and headed straight outside to call the cops.

When they entered the apartment the killer was nowhere to be found but with the blood stain on the ground he was traced to Dr. Tom’s apartment.

On getting there, the masked killer attacked the police officer knocking him out with a baseball bat but what the killer didn’t know was that Clara was behind the police officer with the big sharp knife and without hesitation she stabbed him on the back twice, which led to his death. She uncovered the killer’s face and found out it was Dr. Tom. She was shocked and quickly ran to call the neighbours but when they came, his body and that of the cop were nowhere to be found.

Everybody thought Clara was hallucinating and needed psychiatric care since she had always kept to herself and it gave them more reason to conclude that she was losing it.

They quickly calmed Clara down and took her to the psychiatric ward of the hospital where she’s being treated.

The truth behind what Clara went through is yet to be discovered till this day. Concluded

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