I was a bus conductor for 10 yrs – Small Doctor


Popular musician Small Doctor usually sings of his life before he became a big star. He has revealed that he used to be a thief, and he was even an okada rider at some point. But today, things have changed for him.

The Penalty crooner further explained how being a conductor led him to where he is today. He made this known in a recent interview.

He said he was a conductor for more than a decade (10 years) and he also revealed the route he used to ply. As someone who values education, he said he was also a student during this time.

“At that time I had released my first single and I was already getting airplay in parts of my area. I didn’t want to stand and keep expecting people to call me for shows. At that time one even had to beg to be allowed to perform on stage even though your song was being played. I decided to be a conductor because I didn’t want to be idle. I was a conductor for almost a decade. I used to ply Agege-Ikeja-Maryland-Yaba. I shuttled that route for three to four years then I moved to Oshodi-Mushin under bridge. I also used to ride okada during this period; I’ve also done the needful to my former bus driver. One thing I’ve learnt is if you fail to plan, you will plan to fail. If you don’t program yourself, life will program you. I also used to go to school during this period. That was how I finished. I also attended Unilag without finishing. I plan to go back to school also,” he told Rubbin Minds.


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