Kiss Daniel changes stage name


One major way a musician can remain fresh in the minds of fans is by rebranding many agreed. It could be a change of hairstyle, way of dressing or even a new name.

One Nigerian musician seems to have followed the latter school of thought. Kiss Daniel has subtly changed his name to Kizz Daniel.

All his social media handles suddenly started reading as Kizz Daniel instead of the Kiss Daniel fans are used to.

This change could also be as a result of his ongoing court case with his former record label G-Worldwide.

The label had dragged him to court claiming amongst other things that he broke the contract he had with them.

G-Worldwide had also claimed via a statement that the stage name Kiss Daniel is owned by them. Perhaps in a bid to reclaim his name, Kizz Daniel made the change. Since his fall out with G-Worldwide, Kizz has founded his own record label Flyboy INC.

He has even released a number of singles under his new label.


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