‘Superstars are not superhumans, Seyi Shay talks about falling on stage


Nigerian singer Seyi Shay who is one of the most revered female voices in African music is debunking the idea that celebrities should always put on a front that is without flaws.

In a new compelling mini-documentary, the singer addressed her infamous 2016 television blunder when she mistakenly asserted that the acronym “EP” (which originally means Extended Play) stood for “Electric Package”. She also detailed the painful aftermath of her embarrassing fall during a performance at the 2017 AFRIMA awards.

“Many people are under the assumption that Superstars are Superhuman’s and that we are without mistakes. But just like every other person, we make mistakes and because we are public figures, our mistakes appear more magnified”, she said.

Responding to her blunder on TV, she explained; I wasn’t really thinking about the question and I really wasn’t thinking about the answer. I knew that the people asking the questions were trying to catch me out so I was kind of maybe feeding into the game a little bit”.

She went on to explain that these are mistakes that are made by everyday people; “We see a lot of snippets and skits like these on social media but because i’m a celebrity, I am always expected to come correct”. You have to know that my celebrity status doesn’t take away from my humanity status, she ended.

Detailing her embarrassing on-stage fall experience, she explained; I was just in the moment of my performance and really trying to give my best. But when I fell down and finished my performance, and got off stage and started trending because of that fall, I was in mixed emotions. For me, it really hurt when people had really bad things to say because I always try to give my best”.

So falling down on stage is just me showing you; how much I really put into my performance.

On how much toll all of these have taken on her, she revealed; I was hurt many times. I’m human. These things are funny until you are on the receiving end of the insults. But I have accepted that this is the price I have to pay.

Speaking further, the singer explained that all of these mistakes have helped in her journey to self-acceptance. “I have learnt that the seed of growth is found in the pond of mistakes”. I wear my mistakes like a badge because they contributed largely to the process that turned me into an actual Electric Package.


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