Why I’m not a social media freak – Ramsey Noah


Ever wondered why Ramsey Noah isn’t a social media freak like other celebrities, then wonder no more because he thinks it’s an unreal world.

During a recent interview, the movie icon shared his views about what he thinks about social media and how it has become a part of our lifestyle.  When asked why unlike other celebrities his social media presence is almost non-existent, he said;

“I think I have given all my life to T.V. and movies and all of that. In my own opinion, I’m more of the real world. I’m more of me and you, the physical and that world just feels unreal to me, there is something not just real and I can’t reach it, I can’t feel it, I can’t touch it.

“I don’t want to be there but you still have no choice, you still have to find a way to touch base and reach out to certain people,” he said.

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