BB Naija 2018 finalist, Nina calls out over ‘bad’ interview


BB Naija 2018 finalist Nina has called out online media blog for capturing in a very bad light are interview.

The Net had reported how their interview with the BB Naija finalist had gone.

They wrote, “Widely regarded as one of the underdogs of the recently-concluded edition of Big Brother Nigeria, Nina Oyenobi never knew she was capable of gathering a huge fan base until she secured a place as one of the show’s five finalists. Oyenobi rose to fame as one half of MINA, a strategic as well as romantic partnership that involved Miracle Igbokwe, the show’s eventual winner.

Since leaving the house, the light-skinned beauty who critics of the show that gave her stardom often dismiss as not ‘sharp’ has birthed her own fashion company and hair line, Nina Ivy Empire, giving the impression that she is ready to make a name for herself apart from being regarded as Miracle’s witless paramour.

This was also the impression we at NET TV had when we invited her over to our studios for an interview, a month after the show ended. The interview which was nearly marred by poor logistics (she didn’t have a car and had to be brought over in a Taxify ride we got for her) and ‘African time’, started on a rather ridiculous note when the Big Brother finalist declined to go on air because she was not pleased with her makeup.

‘I can’t use this colour’, she said. ‘I react to some brands. It’s showing the pimples on my face. You guys won’t be there when people are abusing me on Instagram.’ Her staunch refusal suggested to us that she was concerned about how people perceived her and as seen on the show, seemed unsure of herself. She was then taken to a name brand makeup studio by her handler.

They returned almost two hours later but more surprises laid in wait as the interview started. Apparently in a bid to prevent gaffes and WTF type of statements, her new ‘team’ comprising of an official manager and an ‘Auntie’ – attempted to screen the questions she would be asked. Of course we declined. But no sooner than the interview started did they start shouting answers at her. Anytime she started to answer a question, they literally cut in to tell her what to say. We asked how she felt about Cee C. Her team called out from behind the camera ‘Just say unique. Unique!’

Nina had reacted to the interview, saying they manipulated the whole thing and made her look bad.

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