5 things to avoid to keep your breasts looking perky forever


Saggy breasts are really inevitable no matter how you look at it because if they don’t fall now, they will eventually fall as you age, but is it not better to enjoy firmer ones in your youth?

As much as it is age that plays a role in breast elasticity but sometimes, even younger people suffer from saggy breasts, and it is mostly due to the kind of habits people keep.

Below is a list of things you should avoid to keep your breast firm.

Crash dieting: Crash dieting is basically losing weight desperately; in other words, it’s a quick way of losing weight and it’s not exactly bad if it’s not done to the extreme, but it is when you have to lose so much weight, and it has an adverse effect on your breasts, it can make it more slack than normal.

Wearing the wrong bra: The right bra gives your breasts the required support and protection, but the wrong one exposes it to the same problems mentioned in the last habit; they will get saggy and weak so it’s important to wear a fitting bra, especially if you’re about to get into some really physically stressful task.

Smoking: Doesn’t matter what amount you smoke, smoking is bad for the elasticity of your breasts; when you smoke, there’s decreased blood supply to your skin, which results in faster aging and consequent weakening of your skin”.

High impact workout: High impact workouts are those that stress or stretch your breasts; take running for example, when you run, your breasts go back and forth, the longer you do it, the more it’s likely for you to suffer saggy breasts; this is because they stretch your breasts so much and the same applies to some workout plans so endeavour to wear sports bras that will keep your breasts firm when exercising”.

Skipping sunscreen: Not only does skipping sunscreen gives you premature wrinkles, it also causes the skin around your breasts to become damaged, weak, and saggy.

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