KWIRS donates transformer, borehole to 2 communities.


After some years of electric shortage that had left Eiyenkorin and Budo-Oke communities in darkness, the electricity of the communities were restored following the quick intervention of Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KWIRS) in providing 200KVA transformers.

According to the members of the community, several attempts and efforts put in place towards resolving the issue of electricity blackout were to no avail.

This however, prompted members of Eiyenkorin and Budo-Oke communities to express their distress to KWIRS and the tax agency delivered the transformers and motorised borehole as requested by the communities being part of the Service’s Community Impact Programme (CIP).  These in return will enable KWIRS to collect revenues from the communities for the strategic development of the State.

In a related development, the KWIRS on Tuesday inaugurated the Tax Club of University of Ilorin.

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