Benson Okonkwo paid additional N150,000 for shaving hair


It is said that for a good actor, there are no limits when it comes to movie roles no matter how challenging they tend to be.

Benson Okonkwo has proven himself an actor with a passion after he revealed the sacrifice he had to make for a movie role. According to the Nollywood actor, he was made to shave his hair in order to take on a movie character.

According to his post on social media, he was paid an additional N150,000 to do the skin cut.

He stated that his interest in the story line is what motivated him.

He wrote on Instagram,”I was given an additional #150,000 naira to shave my hair in this movie title ‘Ogamen … All though it was hard for me to accept but I accepted it because of the story line.. It’s an interesting story for every family a must watch epic movie that everyone must learn something from…. Wait for it family coming soon”

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