Shops Construction: Ilorin West Chair allays fear  of Ipata Oloje spare part traders


The Chairman of Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State, Hajia Aminat Omodara has allayed fears of spare part traders in Ipata-Oloje over rumoured relocation.
There were rumours that the local government wanted to displace the spare part traders and construct shops on the land they occupied.
Speaking to Pilot Business on Thursday, the Chairman said, “I’m not building shops at the Ipata Oloje motor spare parts market, but I want to build shops on the local government land that is not rented out to the traders.
“For clarity, we have the motor spare parts market fenced in Ipata oloje, so I’m not going inside that fence to build shops neither am I going to chase them away from their shops or increase the rent of their shops.
“Where I want to develop is the local government’s unused land that is being used as dump site. We want to construct shops there because we want to generate revenue for the state and local government,” she explained.
Omodara disclosed that about 400 shops would be built on the land to boost revenue generation to grow its financial status like other states.
She said, “Everybody today is shouting Lagos but there were drastic measures taken to get where it is now. So we too should be able to forgo some things to open more ways to enhance our revenue.”
On his part, the Chairman of the traders, Alhaji Sulaudeem Adeyi Amasa appealed to the local government chairman not to construct shops on the open space.
“That is the only place our customers park their vehicles when they come to patronise us,” adding that the spare parts market is already congested.
Amasa noted that they contributed their quota to the development of the local government and state at large through revenue generation in the market.

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