Major surprises World Cup 2018 


As Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup is coming to an end this weekend, it’s been full of surprises. Football power houses have been eliminated from the tournament. Germany, the defending champs were eliminated at the group stages. Argentina and Portugal, which are star studded with the two of the world best players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, saw themselves bowing out of the world cup after being eliminated by France and Uruguay respectively. From the result of the games so far, Toyin Saheed fixes out major surprises that greeted the tournament.
The first surprise of the World Cup, was the former World Cup Champion, Germany, who got eliminated on Group Stage, by losing against South Korea 2-0, and on the previous two games, lost against Mexico the first game and win only one game after a really difficult time against Sweden all after an incredible individual play of Tony Kross whom in the last minute score the goal that gave them the victory against Sweden.
Even though when we think this is a surprise, it was expected by many people since in the last World Cup Championships, the previous champion has always been eliminated on group stages. It happened with France in 2006, then Italy in 2010, Spain in 2014 and now it was the turn for Germany.
Another surprise was Argentina, who barely even got to quarters finals, after a tie in the first World Cup match against Iceland, then lost against Croatia 3-0 in a game that all Argentines will want to forget and finally won against Nigeria 2-1 with a Goal of Marcos Rojo in the 85′ minute. Some people thought that after that victory the hard part was behind, it wasn’t like that, because they had to face France, a team who came to win and whose team is one of the best prepared to win the World Cup Tournament. It was a exciting game, in which Argentina lost 4-2. France scored 3 goals in 10 minutes after losing 2-1 and eliminated Argentina from the World Cup. And just like that Leo Messi lost his chance to win the only trophy missing.
And later that day, another team got eliminated and it was Portugal, who had a tough time on the Group Stage. Portugal had to face an incredible strong Uruguay with two great players as are Luis Suarez and Cavani. Portugal lost 2-1 and got eliminated on quarter finals. Turns out that it take more than just Cristiano Ronaldo to win games.
A well prepared Spain, lost against the host of the World Cup and got eliminated. Even though it wasn’t an exciting game, it got to penalty season in where Russia was superior. In spite of the fact that Spain has a great team formed mainly by players of Real Madrid and Barcelona, it had a tough time at the World Cup 2018 and didn’t have the chance to redeem for last World Cup of 2014.
Brazil again was knocked out of the Russia 2018 with their unfavourable records again the European countries continue. Belgium, one of the dark horse in the tournament defeated the five times, Brazil in the quarter final.
None of the African teams made it to the second round of the tournament.
2018 world cup results are were unpredictable and everything can happen and the favorites and strongest teams got eliminated very easy.

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