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Cleric charges Muslims on payment of Zakat


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam of Kamaldeen Al-Adabiy mosque, Agbo-Oba Ilorin, Ustaz Ahmed Rufai has called on Muslims to regularise Zakat for distribution to the less privilege and the poor people in the society adding that there is huge reward and purification of wealth for such act from Allah.
He furthered said that the Zakat, which is the third pillar of Islam is an act which all Muslims should embark on stressing that it will increase the scale of good deeds on the Day of Judgement.
He stated this while delivering his sermon at the Juma’at service on Friday.  He said if a Muslims has certain amount in his or her account without indebtedness to anybody, such person should know that he/she is ‘zakatable’ and should pay the Zakat from such money to the less privileged and the poor.
Rufai said according to Sharia, any Muslims that has up to N113,000 in his or her account without owing any debt is entitled to pay Zakat from it which is N2,835 as one of the least payment.
Rufai further said that if a Muslim has saved up to N1,247,309 at the end of the year, N31,182 is the percentage  of the zakat to pay.
He said the proceeds of zakat is meant for the poor and the needy in the society stressing that motherless kids are not to be given according to Islamic injunction otherwise it will be seen as alms giving,  sadaqat.
“Orphans have relatives that will cater for them but Muslims can help them with sadaqat and there is reward in that too. But Zakat must be given to the poor and needy including the less privilege people among others”
The Imam said Muslims don’t need to wait till they have millions before they can give out Zakat from their money once they understand the principles and are willing to do it to seek Allah’s pleasure.
He also tasked Muslims not to partake in dirty acts, adding that they should let peace reing among themselves as they put Allah first.

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