NIWOSEC to FG: Don’t share Abacha’s loots to poor


By Matthew Denis

A foremost labour rights group, The Nigerian Workforce Strategy and Enlightenment Centre (NIWOSEC), has advised the Federal Government against sharing the loot of former head of state, late Gen. Sani Abacha to the poor.

In a press statement signed by the Union’s Public Relations Officer, Ukakogu Perpetua Ngozi in Ilorin, she said that “The decision is unpopular and incongruous to the position of the working class.”

According to NIWOSEC spokesperson, “It would amount to an exercise in futility if the government shares whopping sum of $321 million to the poor whose database has not been clearly verified”, stressing that, “The Nigerian Workers Group (TNWG), an arm of NIWOSEC has the mandate of its parent body to express reservation on the mode the government planned to channel the recovered public fund.”

She emphasised that, “Prior to the recovery of the money, the poorest Nigerians have been the responsibility of the working class”, adding that, “If such opportunity comes, the working class should be the foremost to be considered in terms of welfare, covering health, education and social amenities”.

The NIWOSEC image-maker affirmed that, “It is unacceptable for Abacha’s loot to go down the drain without feasible impact on the economy and lives of productive Nigerian workers”.

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