Registrar warns students against violence, false information


By Matthew Denis

The Registrar of Kinsey College of Education, Ilorin Kwara State capital, Mr. Aremu Mufutau has warned students against involvement in violence and other clandestine activities that could disrupt their academic career.

He also called on the students to shun rumours information regarding the accreditation of the college to the public.

The Registrar spoke to Pilot Education at weekend while announcing the official inclusion of the college on the website of National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE).

He said “With joy I am announcing to you that Kinsey College has been uploaded to the NCCE official website, yesterday. It was done with sincere apology from the commission.

“In view of this, we want to warn our students to avoid circulating false information regarding the status of the college. Members of the public should endeavour to meet the appropriate authority to verify information when necessary.

“We had two NCCE authentic report in their 2016 Volume 1 NO. 03 publication and for 2017, Volume 1 No. 09 concerning the approval of this college,” he stated.

The Registrar advised students that the college has zero tolerance for examination malpractice and other forms of social vices.

Muftau also warned against enticement of lecturers in cash or kind, indecent dressing, drug addiction and drunkenness.

He noted that any student either new or old caught in unwholesome act would be summarily dismissed from the college in accordance with rules and regulations governing the institution.

According to the Registrar, no institution of learning that is determined to build the students academically, morally and socially would encourage any act that could compromise its integrity in the pursuit of academic excellence.

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