Onaiyekan in Ilorin, warns politicians transition not cause for bloodshed


By Matthew Denis

The Archbishop of Abuja, Roman Catholic Church, John Cardinal Onaiyekan has advised politicians in the country that the passage of power from one government to another in a transition is a natural process and should not become a cause for war, conflict, bloodshed and confusion.

Onaiyekan who made this call in Ilorin during the ordination of Bishop Paul Olawoore as the Bishop of Ilorin Catholic diocese on Friday berated the lackadaisical attitude of the President Buhari led government to the several killings in the country.

The clergyman said: “You can see how one bishop takes over from one to another in the Roman Catholic Church; we do not fight over it. We follow the rule and it is simple and straightforward.

“People may say that is church, it is not politics. But they should not forget that politics belongs to God. Anybody who does not believe in God and who wants to rule only for his own sake has missed the road.”

“They make themselves a plague and a punishment unto the people. Those who enter politics should be people who believe that God is calling them for that kind of service to make the society a better place, to rule in the name of God and for the sake of God.”

He lamented that the caliber of politicians who parade themselves as rulers over the people are those who bring shame on the people of Nigerians adding that this is the reason things are not working for the country.

“That is why things are not running well. Even all those who have been jumping around, either you win an election or you lose an election, at the end of the day, it does not mean anything. I do not know when we shall change?”

He said: “We have to simply change the concept. You do not have to go into politics to get right and to revenge against your neighbour or to show everybody that you are the best person. You go into politics because you want the society to be better.”

Cardinal Onaiyekan berated government over the spate of killings in the country stating that it is both weaknesses on the part of government and a mockery of the process called governance.

He said: “One life lost is one life too many. It does not matter whether they are Christians, Muslims or anybody. Even one Muslim killed worries me as much as Christians killed. There are various reasons for wanting to kill. We should go to the root of that.

Onaiyekan called for an adequate probe of killings across the country adding: “That is the job of the government which the government is not doing and which is why we bishops of Nigeria have said we have lost confidence in the present government. We look forward that God will give us a government that will do the right thing.

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