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Nigerians stranded in China as ‘police order  their eviction’ from hotels


Some Nigerians lodged in hotels in China are reportedly stranded after Chinese police allegedly ordered their ejection.

In a video, which surfaced online, a group of Nigerians gathered in an unidentified location can be seen complaining to a man who appears to be a resident.

“The order is not from the hotel management, it is from the local police here. We are foreigners and aliens and they don’t have a democratic system of government,” the man is heard telling them.

“Also, you don’t know the licence they are using to operate here.

“And there are so many other cases that we don’t know in the past. There are some cases before now and we don’t know the reason until the enquiries we made proved them negative, that is where we will get a contention. I am here for you and you did not invite me here.”

One of the victims who went for business in China told TheCable that she has been stranded for almost two days.

“We’ve been stranded for almost 48hrs now. No one is explaining anything. I’m trying to change my flight asap,” she said.

“We are in Guanghzou. I was in Tong Tong hotel when we were driven out. I was one of the fortunate ones to get a hotel yesterday afternoon at somewhere called 4th Building. The place is now full. While others are still loitering looking for shelter.”

Tope Elias-Fatile, spokesman, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told TheCable that he is yet to confirm the development.

Elias-Fatile, however, said he has contacted the Nigerian mission in China for confirmation.

“I heard of it. I have contacted the mission, so I am waiting for directions,” he said.

“I cannot confirm because I have not heard from our mission. Immediately I was informed, I called but they didn’t pick the call. I then sent a message to them. When they reply the message, we are going to confirm if it is true or not. By the time we wake up tomorrow morning(Sunday), they would have replied my message.

“You know, the time difference between Nigeria and China is a factor. Maybe by the time they wake up, because I have sent a signal to them and I am expecting their response.”

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