5 things to consider before buying shoes


1.Shop shoes at the appropriate time. That is, in the evening. I know there is nothing more fun than starting your day with shoe shopping, but save it for the night. This is because, your feet are more slightly swollen in the evening than they are in the morning. When you do this, your shoe will fit you without discomfort throughout the day.

2. 6/10 people have one feet slightly larger than the other. When you’re going to buy shoes, always try on two different sizes, the one that is slightly larger than the other one that’s smaller. Preferably, buy the larger size. For the feet that is smaller, try putting a shoe pad for the shoe if you need more balance.

3.Go for size and fit. Your shoes are associated with different brands. This means if you’re a size 5 in this brand, it doesn’t make you a size 5 in another brand. Always try the shoe on, don’t just rely on the size.

4.Choose a sensible pair of shoe. Always Remember what occasion you’re buying the shoe for. A high stiletto won’t be good for running around all day. Save the stiletto for fancy dinners where you’re not going to spend much time standing. For regular wear, choose wedges and  flats that are more comfortable for your movement.

5.Your feet grows longer and wider every two years, so ensure you measure your feet biennial to find and buy the right shoe size.

So, these are the things you need to consider before going to shop for shoes.

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