Presidency mounts pressure on northern Emirs over defection of their lawmakers

This medium exclusively gathered last night that some of the senators that were originally part of the plan to defect had to shelve their decision following heavy pressures mounted by the presidency on some northern emirs whose lawmakers were involved.
The top lawmaker and the chairman of a top House committee, told our reporter on telephone from Abuja that more defectors will follow suit in the days ahead after the current dust has settled.
According to the source who denied report that over a hundred signatures had been collected prior the defection, the latest development even accounted for some of the utterances of some of the representative members that letter denied they were involved.
“You see for now, a lot of pressure is being mounted by the presidency on most of the northern emirs whose lawmakers they learnt were part of the plot.
“The Emir of a top lawmaker from Gombe had to call one of the representatives from his state that he (the Emir) received calls from the presidency that he would be removed if those from his state join the plot.
“That is the situation now and everybody is being cautious but resolute on our plans. More lawmakers will follow those of us that had defected in the days ahead, that I can tell and what the Senate Leader is saying that APC was still the majority was being said to save his job.
“The reality will soon dawn on him because for now, there is no going back. This is not about Saraki or Ekweremadu or even President Buhari, but the country and preservation of the rule of law”, he added.

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