Yusuf’s Bribery Allegation: How corrupt are Nigerian coaches?


Sequel to ‘Number 12’ controversy that rocked Ghana football, attention has shifted to its Nigerian counterpart, with Super Eagles coach Salisu Yusuf the latest caught in the entrapment of investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

In a footage recorded in September 2017, Yusuf was offered a sum to influence his selection at the regional championship that was held in Ghana.

Salisu, who led the Nigeria B side to the Wafu Cup of Nations in Ghana was filmed by Anas’ Tiger Eye PI agency in September 2017 collecting cash believed to be $1000 from undercovers, posing as agents in order to influence players’ selection at the tournament.

Also, the former Kano Pillars handler was promised 15% from the players’ contracts should they get snapped up, with the gaffer in turn promising the agents spots for both players at the 2018 African Nations Championship in Morocco.

The players were not named in the footage as Nigeria went all the way to the final, where they were handed a 4-1 defeat by hosts Ghana – their only loss in the competition.

Salisu took the team to CHAN in Morocco earlier this year, where they also finished second behind the hosts. And he was Gernot Rohr’s assistant to the recently concluded World Cup in Russia, where the Super Eagles were unable to navigate their way past Group D.

However, the revelation did not come as a surprise to Nigerians who described as the act ‘DNA of the country’s football’ while some were disappointed by the action from a high-ranking local coach.

How would Salisu defend himself in an allegation that bothers seriously on his integrity as National team coach?

Unfortunately, the former Kano Pillars Chief Coach is presently in a London hospital undergoing treatment.

Though, few stakeholders however find this allegation difficult to believe knowing that the Nigeria Football Federation has done so well in recent times, to ensure National team coaches get the best of treatment as all their entitlements are fully and duly paid.

It is therefore a travesty to imagine that a coach that is earning almost 4million naira monthly, made over 80,000 US dollars from bonuses during the World Cup alone, gets close to 20,000 US dollars as winning bonus, gets first class treatment on every National assignments, will condescend so low to accept 1000 dollars bribe from some unknown persons.

The current NFF board under Amaju Melvin Pinnick have shown their love for local coaches but unfortunate occurence like this one will go a long way to further put a dent on the credential of the Nigerian coaches, many of whom have come under severe criticism in the past over serious allegations that borders on their integrity.

Some stakeholders have appealed to the NFF to put in place internal investigative mechanism or refer him straight to the NFF Ethics Committee headed by Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu and if found guilty, he must be told to resign honorably or be relieved of his appointment as National team coach.

Unlike Nigeria Referee Association that has been accused of different types of corruption allegation in recent time, truths have not been established whether Nigeria local coaches are corrupt or not.

Peoples’ reaction on twitter to bribery scandal

Wale Adetona

Salisu Yusuf earns 3 Million Naira per month but still receives bribe from players and their agents just so they can play.

This has nothing to do with village people. It’s just greed and it’s a true reflection of who Nigerian leaders are

BBC News Africa

Nigeria’s top football coach, Salisu Yusuf, has been caught on camera taking cash. The footage, exposed here for the first time, was captured by controversial Ghanaian investigative journalist @anasglobal and recently handed to #BBCAfricaEye

Solace Chukwu @TheOddSolace

The moment Anas presents himself as representing the interests of any player(s), immediately receiving money from him becomes wrong and/or unethical, whether or not those players would have gotten into the team without Anas’ input.

Simple. Open and shut. Good bye, Salisu Yusuf

Tolu Olasoji @Tollexrism

And again, @anasglobal massa preferred to be handed rounded sums…where’s the remaining $250? Why leave him with a $1000 impression when all that was there was $750?  �

MikeThePundit @MichaelImianvan

Salisu Yusuf: Earns ₦3m a month.

Caught on camera receiving ₦360k from fake players agents.

That’s the definition of Village people

Fisayo Dairo @FisayoDairo

May God not tempt us.

What does the BBC mean by “Salisu Yusuf’s career was previously untainted”?


 � � Chief Coach of the National Team Salisu Yusuf filmed accepting Bribe @BBCAfrica

He was part of #superEagles #worldcup managerial staff in #Russia2018


Caught on camera is Super Eagles Chief Coach, Salisu Yusuf taking cash from reporters led by Ghanaian, Anas posing as football agents who wanted their players to be selected for CHAN 2018. – A simple explanation to why African Football is still where it is

Adepoju Tobi Samuel @OgaNlaMedia

Anas Anas has revelation about Super Eagles chief coach, Salisu Yusuf for the world tomorrow via BBC. Seems, Salisu is about to be expose. Heard revelation might come from 2017 WAFU Cup in Ghana or 2018 CHAN in Morocco.

Osas Cruz @OsasCruz

Almost Convinced myself saying it was a gift jare.

Until the reporter Said: “If anything goes through and those players are able to get their contract, you’ll get 15% of that contract”

And Salisu Yusuf Replied: They will be in CHAN

Bribery shouldn’t be allowed in Football

Tunde Eleniyan @KobokoGCFR

Can we say it is poverty that made a man ( Salisu Yusuf ) who earns N3 Million monthly to accept a bribe of N360,000? No. It is greed. And there are many like him in the public and private sector.

Shina @ondo_prince1

This Salisu yusuf case is just blown out of proportion. He made it clear that players are selected based on performance and that was the case.

Buchi Laba Laba @Buchi_smallzy

Salisu Yusuf (Head coach of the Chan Eagles and also among the coaches of the Super Eagles) caught on Tape receiving Money(Bribe) from agents and assuring them the players they represent will be in Chan is one Big disgrace and should be not treated in a soft manner.


Okhuosi Larry Eghosa @larryeghosa

In any sane environment, Salisu Yusuf would have resigned before any futile attempt to clear his name

He’s instead shamelessly negotiating the amount. They s is one of the reasons I’ll always advocate for foreign coach.

Once he’s found guilty, he should be banned as an example.

Ayanbisi Temitope. A @Dr_Aphiz

The Chief Coach of the Super Eagles, Salisu Yusuf action collecting bribe for team selection for a major tournament is not new in Nigeria & Africa at large.

99% of African players that made it to the top, experienced it at one time or the other in their career. It’s a sad norm!

Dennis O. Adesanoye @stdennis02

Am not really surprised about Salisu Yusuf and his scandal. Bribery is in the genes of African coaches and even FA officials.

Little wonder Nigeria that easily topped her group at USA 94 and France 98 now found it difficult qualifying for second round 24 years later in Russia.

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