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‘We should always be conscious of death in deeds, words’


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Deputy Imam of Al-Hilal Mosque, GRA Ilorin, Ustaz Adam Jamiu, has urged all Muslims to prepare for the Day of Judgement right from this world.

He further urged that Muslims should always prepare to meet Allah (SWT) by engaging in meritorious deeds, adding that everybody will be brought to justice to account for their deeds before Allah in the hereafter.

The Imam disclosed this at the Juma’at service during his sermon, adding that it was imperative to understand that the outcome of our accountability will determine our paradise or hell.

He also charged Muslims who are in charge of orphans to deal with them with utmost sincerity and fear of God, adding that inheritance left behind by their late parents should be judiciously managed to avoid Allah’s wrath.

According to him, anyone trusted with the opportunity to head a place should deal with everybody based on love but most importantly with justice, equity and fairness.

He said: “Muslims should believe in death and strive to let their action and inactions portray that belief. Today at the death of fellow Muslims, we only gather at the cemetery to think of God for few minutes and after the Janazah, return to our sinful lives.

“In the Day of Judgement, everybody will be equal irrespective of positions or status in the society. We will all give account of our deeds whether good or bad.

“We should all remember that death will be sudden and unexpected and in the grave, the angels will come to question us not about our status, wealth or portfolios but about Allah (SWT), His Prophet (SAW) and the Deen”.

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