2018/19 Season: Finally, the leagues are here again!


Almost a month after the 2018 World Cup ended, the major leagues of Europe are expected to start a week from now.
For the followers of the most glamorous league in the world – English Premier League – the league will be heralded with the Community Shield match between League Champions, Manchester City and FA Cup Winners, Chelsea.
In preparation for the season, the clubs have continued to splash the cash on players in order to bolster their squads.
Even at 33, Cristiano Ronaldo remains the most expensive signing this summer as Juventus coughed out £100million to his former club, Real Madrid in a deal that has continued to generate mixed reactions among football fans world over.  Surprisingly, that figure is followed by the rivaled by the £75million that Liverpool paid to Roma to secure the services of their Brazilian goalkeeper, Alisson Becker.
Among the Premiership clubs, Liverpool is presently the biggest spender after splashing about £185million to sign goalkeeper Alisson Becker, Naby Keita, Xerdan Shagiri.
League Champions, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United have not really splashed out the cash like they have done in previous seasons and it will be interesting to see how events will turn out on the finals days of the transfer window.

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