6 things every woman must know about hair conditioner


Conditioners are one of the trickiest hair products out there because of when to use it, how to use it and which one to use. While the conditioner you use depends a lot on the texture of your hair, below are a few things you must know before applying a conditioner.

  1. The same conditioner does not work for all hair types:You need to choose the conditioner based on the texture of your hair; pick a volumising conditioner if your hair is thin and if your hair is thick, you need to go for a formula which has less oil.
  2. You should condition before shampoo:Conditioning your hair before you shampoo can actually add volume to your hair, your conditioner never fully rinses out when you use it after shampoo which in turn weighs down your hair, reducing your volume; so applying the conditioner before shampoo can be a great hack for that extra bounce.
  3. You should not condition the roots of your hair:You should always apply the conditioner from the roots to the mid-length of your hair to hydrate your strands, avoid conditioning the roots of your hair as it will not be of any help.
  4. A few conditioners can damage your hair:Not all conditioner add nutrients and shine to your hair; silicon-based conditioners can strip your hair of natural nutrients, so pick silicon-free conditioners to condition your hair.
  5. You need to use a hair mask to condition coloured strands:If you have coloured strands, deep conditioning is even more important; along with a hair conditioner, you also need to use a hair mask to ensure that your hair is well-moisturised and the colour stays longer with each wash.
  6. Hair conditioners can double up as styling products:Just applying a small amount of leave-in conditioner to your damp hair and combing through it can help you get those waves in no time.
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