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When I incurred judge’s anger for lateness

Olawale Kuranga had his first degree in Law from Amadu Bello University, Kaduna State between 1991-1997. He was called to the Nigerian Bar 1999 and undergone his NYSC programme the following year. Subsequently, he began active legal practice with Tunji Arosanyin & Co. in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital. Kuranga has served in other law Chambers before establishing his law firm. He however shares his experience with our JUDICIARY CORRESPONDENT, KAYODE ADEOTI on his most dramatic moment in court since he has been practising. Excerpts:

The most eventful experience I had in the course of this legal practice was when I was five year old at the Bar. The experience was regarded as most overwhelming because I learnt a new lesson in the profession though in a hard way. It was during my NYSC programme in Enugu.

On this unforgettable day, I got to court when our case had already been called. The matter was before Justice Nikitobi of Court of Appeal. That day I thought our case will be called last because of the fact that cases were according to seniority and I was still a young wig at the Bar. Many a times at the Federal High Court Enugu, I will be the first to enter the court and the last to leave, that was the experience I was exposed to.

However, as at the time I got to court, my case had been called, in fact it was the first on the court cause list. When I entered the court, I also forgot to write my name on lawyer’s attendance list.

When I had the opportunity to announce my appearance, the judge took me up and started lambasting me. He asked when I was called to the Nigerian Bar. In an apologetic tone, I responded saying ‘five months My Lord’, then he told me that cases were not been called based on seniority at the Appeal adding that as a counsel, I ought to have been in court early before 9:am. That day, I learnt the lesson of my life.


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