Press Release

Press Release
Ilorin, kwara State

It has come to our attention as a major stakeholders of PDP in kwara state that the party chairman, Chief Iyiola Akogun Oyedepo and some people met with Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu in Abuja on how the PDP in the state will fuse into All Progressive Congress (APC) . We wish to let the general public know, particularly our teeming members to stay clear of Chief Iyiola Oyedepo and his co-travelers who represent less down 20% of the party faithfuls and who are ready to sell their conscience for money.

We hereby state and further reiterate loudly to the general public that majority of our members and stakeholders are staying back in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) , Kwara State and will welcome our own leader, Dr Bukola Saraki back to PDP. It is our resolve and we are ready to cooperate and work with his leadership, because we can’t submit to leadership of Tinubu that was rejected in Ondo and Ekiti APC respectively. Dr Saraki of today is a national leader of PDP as number three citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and he has told us that it is whatever we decide in the state that he will also support. Let it be known that those who have sold themselves to Tinubu in Lagos does so because of money, they don’t have the interest of the people and the state at heart. Let our people beware of this dubious characters who has gone to sell their rights to an outsider .

We remain in PDP with our leader, Dr Bukola Saraki as he has promised an inclusive family affairs in PDP where members of our party will be at the helm of affairs and decide their own interest while he will ensure that at the national level, the yearnings and aspirations of Kwara State and its people are met and respected.

Signed :
Kwara central
1:Hon Edun Oladimeji
2: Alhaji Oba Ajara
Kwara north
1 Hon Yinusa Yahaya
2: Alhaji Salihu Gwanara
Kwara South
1:Chief joel Ogundeji
2 . Rt.Hon Tunde Mohammed

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