8 effective home remedies to cure yellow fever


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  1. Raw Onion

Onion has many healthy benefits to cure any disease. Take a raw onion and cut it into two halves. Put it in an oven and bake it at 400 degrees for around 15 minutes. You have to mash it and extract the juice from it.

Add few tablespoons of honey to the mixture. You can use two tablespoons of this mixture daily for six to eight times for ten days to treat this deadly yellow fever. You need to practice this treatment strictly to get rid of this tropical viral disease and its symptoms.

  1. Garlic Cloves

Dehydration can usually weaken your body. Yellow fever can cause dehydration due to vomiting and weakens your immune system. Garlic is known for its anti viral, anti bacterial and anti oxidant properties. Garlic plays an active role to strengthen immune system and also defend your body from other viral and bacterial infections.

Take around six to ten garlic cloves and crush them. You need to consume them in the early morning. You can also extract the juice of garlic and add few drops of honey to it and consume it daily in the morning. This treatment is proven to be effective to cure this deadly fever and its symptoms.

  1. Coconut Water

Yellow fever causes dehydration which in turn makes you weak. Dehydration is due to vomiting which in turn makes you feel sick. It is essential to keep your body hydrated and supply essential nutrients that are required.

Coconut water is an effective home remedy to cure dehydration. You need to drink tender coconut water to get rid of dehydration and to supply your body with essential nutrients. You need to drink coconut water at least four to five times a day to keep your body nourished and hydrated.

  1. Sugarcane Juice

Yellow fever can cause severe dehydration. The patient may become weak due to dehydration and vomiting. Sugar cane juice is the best home remedy to cure dehydration, a dangerous symptom of yellow fever. To supply the essential vitamins and minerals to your dehydrated body, you need to drink sugar cane juice.

It supplies glucose to your body, which is very essential for all the muscles to supply natural power to your body. To supply the essential proteins to your body you need to consume sugar cane juice thrice a day. It also reduces the high body temperature of the patient suffering from yellow fever.

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