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Cleric tasks Muslim men to express love to their wives always


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam of Agaka mosque, Asa Dam Ilorin, Yusuf Murtador (Olopoewa) has urged the Muslim men to take care of their wives and family adding that they are the guardian of the family unit.

He further noted that men and women are the two basic pillars of the family, stressing that since men are endowed with special qualities by the order of creation, their power of logic is stronger than women

Olopoewa,stated this at the jumat service during his sermon before the traditional two rakat on friday that, a muslim man must treat his wife in a way that she turns into angel-like character.

According to him, a woman is a center of kindness who is completely emotional and her existence depends on compassion.

He said man must show total love and care for their wives stressing that secret of a successful man in a happy marital life is his expression of love towards his wife.

“Husband should not expose his wife secret to the world. No matter what might have happened between them. He should not beat his wife or abuse her, she will get hurt if insulted or belittled, wife feels good when respected.

“Husband should not keep malice with his wife outside except in their home.”

The Imam noted that husband should not deprive his wife of kindness adding that such attitude will make the wife lose interest in him and the house will be in messy condition.

He also charged Muslim wife to make sure that they care of their husband and followed their husband’s order before taking any decision.

“Any wife that goes against her husband wish will face the wrath of Allah. All the creation of Allah will be caused her continuously until she obeys him.”

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