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3. Globally, their resale value is uniformly recognised

From Asia down to Africa, and up to America, people buy these three brands because they know they can cash in on their value at any time. In the Nigerian market, you will observe that when it comes to the offload of used cars, the luxury brands commands very low resale values; they are expensive to maintain and also valueless when it comes to resale.

4. They are suitable for our tropical climate

Despite the fact that they were manufactured in cooler regions and adapted to the climate there, the performance of these cars becomes incredible when subjected to the heat of our climate.

What are the cheapest brand of cars to maintain in Nigeria?

1. Toyota corolla

Having sold over 35 million cars since 1966, the brand of Japan’s number one automaker bags a Guinness world record in February 2011. And according to the statistical reports of Forbes, Toyota corolla still remains the best-selling car in the world.

2. Honda

This product of Japan’s number three automaker is arguably one of the best cars to consider when it comes to a low cost of maintenance. This fact is cannot be easily displaced with ease because, despite a 38%downfall of net income in 2011 as a result of the Fukushima-nuclear-disaster, the company still went on to recover the same year On the 50 most-researched vehicles ranking on Edmund during February 2013.

3. Nissan

This product of Japan’s number two automaker, posted a world record sales of 4.67 million units in 2011, thus becoming the world’s largest automaker of that year. And this was made possible as a result of its trusted efficiency. The truthfulness of that claim was however revealed on the 50 most-researched vehicle ranking on Edmund during February 2013 when Altima, Pathfinder and Versa represented Nissan.

In conclusion, it is correct to assert that Toyota, Honda and Nissan are the brands in Nigeria to think of when it come to a low cost of maintenance; reliability, functionality and appeal.

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