Top 10 greatest boxers of all time


Boxing is a combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and will, by throwing punches with gloved hands against each other. It is one of the highest paying sports and a very difficult one indeed. Amateur boxing is both an Olympic and Commonwealth sport and is a common fixture in most of the major international games. Boxing is one of the most historic and famous sports of all times. And today we are going to give you a brief review of top 10 greatest boxers of all time.
Starting from the legendary boxers of the pre-modern era to the best boxer in the world right now, we compiled a list of all the notable boxers who put their mark in the history of the sports. And here we present the whole history of boxers along with their achievements and accolades.

Joe Louis: Joe Louis is often known as “the Man Who Beat the Hitler”. He is referred to as the brown bomber and was considered as an American Icon. He has a record of winning 66 matches; losing 3 and 52 knock out winnings. He was a shining star for sure with a great record. He was a national hero for the people of America and also a symbol of pride. During the world war, he was more than just a boxer and his fights had social, political and international significance.

Muhammad Ali: Muhammad Ali had his boxing era from 1960 to 1981, and he was just marvellous in every aspect of boxing. He was outspoken, exciting and an undefeated boxing champion in his time and was also the best entertainer in the boxing world. Muhammed had a record of total 56 wins out of which 37 were knock out wins. The best boxer in the world all time had only 5 losses in his career.  He was also an activist and a philanthropist who spoke up for the rights of people. Muhammad Ali is also among the greatest Muslim athletes in the world. Ali died on June 2, 2016, with a respiratory illness.

Sugar Ray Robinson: Sugar Ray Robinson had his boxing era from 1940 to 1965 and majority of the people considered him as the best pound for pound boxer in the world. Ray had a record of 173 wins out of which 109 were knockout wins, 6 were draws and 2 matches were no contest matches. He was also the best boxing talent that the world ever witnessed. Surprisingly, many of his fans still consider that if he could practice today, he could be the best boxer in the world right now. He had an amazing power in his punch to knock the opponent out.

Jack Johnson: Jack Johnson was the first American heavyweight champion before Roy Jones and Mohammad Ali. He had a boxing era from 1897 to 1945.  Jack was unbeatable for more than 10 years and he used to humiliate the opponents by not letting them knock him out. He used to continuously beat his opponents in the ring and snatch his victory.  The presses used to abuse and discredit him but he still was unbeaten. For more than 10 years, he was the most hated and the most famous African American on the earth. He had a record of 73 wins out of which 40 were knockout wins and lost 13 matches.

Jack Dempsey: Jack Dempsey is definitely amongst the most popular boxers in America. He is also famous for setting the highest purse records and attendance. Jack also had the first million fight in his career. He was amongst the most brutal and entertaining boxers of all time. He was a wild boxer in his time with a record of 66 wins out which 51 were knock out wins and he lost 6 matches.

Mike Tyson: Mike Tyson is probably the second most famous boxer in the world after Muhammad Ali. The boxing era of Mike Tyson is from 1985 to 2005. He has been a legendary boxer in his time and also considered as one of the most controversial athletes of all-time. In the early 90s, Tyson was considered as an unbeatable boxer who knocked out all the contenders who came in front of him.  He has a record of 50 wins out of which 44 were knock out wins and he lost 6 matches. He has been amongst the most talked about boxers of all times.

Julio Cesar Chavez: Julio Cesar Chavez had a boxing era from 1980 to 2005 and has a record that speaks for itself. He has a record of 107 wins and 80 knockouts and lost 6 matches. Julio is a Mexican legend who had a record of 10 years without even a single loss. He was a considered as a tough fighter who always entertained people with his boxing. He is known to be the greatest fighter in Mexico.

Rocky Marciano: Rocky Marciano is amongst the hardest punchers of all time. He had a boxing era from 1948 to 1955 and he has a claim to fame for being the heavyweight champion who is undefeated. Rocky has a record of 49 wins out of which 43 were knock out wins and zero losses. He had been a great boxer without any doubt in his time. His ranking is low because his competitions were not as strong as boxers like Muhammad Ali and Robinson.

Henry Armstrong: He has a boxing era from 1931 to 1945 and he had 150 wins out which 100 were KO and he lost 21 matches. He was the only boxer to have the titles of 3 world championships. His career started on the losing end but he gradually got on the winning streaks. He has also had 27 consecutive victories and all of these were in knockouts. This accolade reflects his greatness in the boxing arena.

Willie Pep: One of the Finest Boxers Willie Pep had a boxing era from 1940 to 1966 and has a record of 229 wins out of which 65 are knockout wins. He lost 11 matches in his career. He was the first featherweight champion in the world and has been the finest boxer of his time.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: This guy doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the top twenty his whole carrer he’s been ducking fighters he just fights boxers he knows he can beat he is in it more for the money than the glory so if you want to even be mentioned with the greats you fight all comers even if you know there is a chance he will wipe the floor with you. This guy have been hated on nearly his whole career. Everyone they put in front of him, they say he would lose to, he beat. Let’s not forget early in his career, he was the one being ducked by the top fighters before his hands broke down on him. Even with that, he became one of the best defensive fighters of all time. He had over 20 title fights and never been knocked down. Over half of his fights been against champions and former champions. He have the highest percentage of punches landed. He also considered the best of his era in any weight class. Pacquiao had delayed the fight against Mayweather because he said he didn’t like needles while he was training and before the fight. Mayweather personally called him and offer to wire him 50 million of his own money to take the fight. Of course Mayweather got the blame for it not happening sooner, but ultimately he beat Pacquiao and other excuses came about. Hands down Mayweather Jr. should be easily in the top 3.

This was our list of top 10 greatest boxers of all times. Feel free to give us your opinion in the comments on;

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