11 most rugged cars built for Nigeria roads


Taking the Nigerian problem into perspective we decided to undertake a research of some cars which were built for the terrible conditions prevalent in Nigerian roads.

Here are 10 cars we found out were built for Nigerian roads. Bewarned…dem cost…thank God for second hand sha.

1. Toyota Corolla 2001 – 2006: If this car is not on this List, the list is definitely not complete. Toyota Corolla is one of the Most Rugged car in world. Its cheap but its ruggedity is priceless.

Also one of the World fuel most efficient car.

Got any thoughts on the top 10 cars built for Nigerian roads?

2. Mercedes-Benz G-Class: When a German-based company ‘Mercedes’ sits down to build a car well suited for off-road conditions, we usually expect the best. That was what we got with the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon and G-class series. This car was definitely built with roads such as prevalent in Nigeria in mind.

It comes with a V-8 cylinder engine, although you might prefer the interior of this car to the exterior. The Mercedes-Benz G-class has a rugged look about it, but it still provides all the luxury you can expect from a fairly expensive SUV. Pricing for the Mercedes-Benz G-wagon starts at $105,000.

3. Range Rover: The Land Rover have undergone several modifications to become one of the strongest and most expensive cars that adequately suits Nigerian roads today. Now widely referred to as the Range Rover Sport. This is a vehicle that needs little or no introduction.

The Range Rover comes loaded with a powerful 510-horse power, V-8 or V-6 (depending on your pocket). This is that car that won’t get you stuck in the mud or flipped over by a pot-hole. With long travel air adjustable suspension system which can go as high as 10.2 inches, the car gives you the feeling of superiority while in it. Pricing starts at $85,000.

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