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8 effective home remedies to cure yellow fever


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  1. Barley Water

Barley is a cereal plant that has all the essential nutrients necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Barley is usually prepared at home by boiling pearl barley in around two liters of water and simmers it for around two hours. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B5, B9 and vitamin E as well.

It has a good amount of copper which can help reduce inflammation and high body temperature of the patient suffering from yellow fever. It also helps to restore electrolyte and fluid balance in body which is helpful for a patient suffering from yellow fever. Consume barley water thrice a day to get rid of yellow fever and its symptoms.

  1. Marjoram and Oregano

Oregano is mostly used to treat yellow fever, gastro intestinal disorders, urinary tract disorders etc. It is known for its anti oxidant, anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants in oregano help improve the ability of your immune system to fight against infections.

Marjoram tea is used to relieve symptoms of yellow fever, menopause etc. Marjoram is known for its anti inflammatory properties. It can cure any viral infection, sinusitis, bronchitis etc. Add a spoonful of marjoram and oregano to half-liter water and boil this solution for an hour. Strain the decoction and drink this solution when it is warm.

Repeat this treatment as many times as possible per day. You can also store the solution and reuse use it by heating it a little before consuming it. Regular intake of the marjoram tea during yellow fever can help ward off the virus and it also moistens dry skin.

All these remedies are proven to cure yellow fever and its symptoms. Keep your body dehydrated and maintain hygiene. You should also take good care and be cautious. Practice these home remedies to find best results. Concluded

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