99.9% of my boyfriends couldn’t satisfy me in bed – Princess Shyngle


Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle, has been with many men but it looks like she has very little regard for almost all of them when it comes to their performance in bed.

According to her, 99.9% of her previous boyfriends were not able to satisfy her in bed and she has been single within the past year.

Revealing why she has not been in an amorous relationship with any man, the Gambian actress stated that she has been relying on her dildo and has no need for a man. “Some of y’all wonder how I’ve been single for over a year. Well, that’s the secret y’all my sexy dildo. It satisfies me more than 99.9% of all guys I’ve ever dated,” she posted with a photo of her dildo on Snapchat.

Princess Shyngle could be described as a bit controversial but for those who know her, it is not surprising. Born on December 25, 1990, in the Gambia, Shyngle has found a home as an actress in Ghana where she claims one of her paternal grandparents came from. She has often been in the news for controversial reasons which include her throwing shade at other female celebrities who are getting closer to 40 years and not getting married. In an Instagram post, the fast-rising actress shared gridded photos of Trigmatic and his wife, Sarkodie and Tracy, Stonebwoy and his wife, as well as John Dumelo and his wife. Beneath the photo, she noted that the male celebrities are all getting married to ladies who are decent, well-mannered and are not social media girls. She added that it is not a shade to her female colleagues because she herself is inclusive when it comes to female celebrities who are currently unmarried.

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