2019 INTERNET OPINION POLL: Nigerians choose Saraki over President Buhari


…hand of God on Senate President – Prophet Omotosho

By Mumini AbdulKareem

As the 2019 election closes in, a cross section of Nigerians have expressed their choices on who they believed should be the next leader of the country, choosing the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki over President Muhammadu Buhari.
The reaction was the outcome of a poll conducted on twitter on Saturday by an activist, Bolanle Cole (@bolanle_cole) while requesting that the respondents should shun abusive words in their responses and to make their choice on current performance and leadership skills.
Saraki has dominated the media space and online platforms, thereby becoming the most discussed politician in the country in the last one month.
While critics have lashed out at the National Assembly for not living up to expectations, the lawmakers have contradicted that narrative, adding that the 8th assembly remains the best since the county’s return to democracy in 2009.
Apostle OTJ who made 17 prophesies about the country with about five specifically about next year’s election, said the poll will not be do-or-die affair contrary to speculations in some quarters.
This is the second prophecy Omotosho will be making in favour of Saraki following his recent prediction on the latter’s Supreme Court victory.
Before now, he had also predicted the Super Eagles defeat during the World Cup, the ouster of former South African president, Jacob Zuma and the downfall of former Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe, among others.
He further said the election will be heavily monetised adding that a popular politician in the country will be arrested and exposed as arms baron.
In the latest series, the clergyman who said he had never met Saraki predicted more defections especially from the governors to other parties that will lead to huge power tussle between them and their deputies adding that there is going to be lots of surprises.
“I see the hand of God upon Saraki. Thank God I have never had an encounter with him before but while praying I saw the hand of God upon his life.
“I see 2019 election won’t be a do-or-die affair as speculated. Three powerful nations will help Nigeria during the election to calm things down. I also see circulation of money during the election.
“I saw lots of surprises in the 2019 elections as flies will swallow lions. It’s a parable. We should pray for the Nigerian Army especially the top Generals against high blood pressure and kidney related issues. I saw them slump suddenly.
“I see Nigeria having a mega celebration in 2019. What has been lost shall be recovered. I see governors defecting to other parties and power tussle between governors and deputy governors.
“I saw law enforcement agencies arresting arms smugglers while trying to ship in arms and ammunition and a popular politician will be indicted and exposed as their baron,” he submitted.
On the moral decadence in the society, Omotosho warned that “Our young ladies should be extra careful and shun immorality because I see outbreak of a strange disease being unleashed by diabolical men they get entangled with.
“Once they get involved, their blood will dry up within three or four days and will defy medication before they died.”
He added that “God said he will turn the wonders of Nigeria into punishment for the enemies of this country”.

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