Pro-Saraki senators accuse APC of blaming someone for its failure


Senators loyal to the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki have accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of blaming someone else for its failure and abandoning its mandate of bringing positive change.

Senators Isah Misau and Rafiu Ibrahim, representing Bauchi central and Kwara South respectively, asked the ruling party to stop blaming the senate president as he is “not the cause of their woes”.

The APC and Saraki have been on a warpath since the nation’s number three citizen dumped the ruling party for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The party has at various times accused him of frustrating the current administration’s development agenda.

In a statement on Sunday, the two Senators told the APC leaders to stop “looking for scapegoats for their failure to fulfill their mandate by constantly blaming Saraki”.

 “APC leaders are being clever by half. They have spent most of the last 38 months harassing Saraki and sponsoring media attacks against him,” the statement read

 “Now that the man has been vindicated by the courts and he has decided to leave their party, they have devised another propaganda stunt to start heaping the blames of their failure to bring positive change to Nigeria on Saraki.

 “For three years of the APC administration, former President Goodluck Jonathan was the scapegoat they blamed. Now that it dawned on them that nobody is listening to that tale by moonlight again, their propaganda machinery has shifted focus to Saraki as the new man to blame.

 “These are characters who cannot take responsibility for their inability to provide good governance as they promised. Must these people blame somebody all the time? Were they elected to bring in positive change or to shift blames?”

They added that instead of concentrating on how to use the next six months before the general elections to hasten the completion of infrastructure projects, “the APC is now led by demagogues who seem not to care if they bring the entire country down”.

 “If the best strategy the APC ideas team can come up with on how to pre-occupy Saraki and prevent him from rallying his fellow party members for victory in next year’s general election, then they need to return to the drawing board. Saraki is unfazed and he is not even bothered,” the Senators said.

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