Descendant Union awards scholarship to students


By Mike Adeyemi

Onikanhun Descendant Union in Obandawaki ward of Pakata, Ilorin the Kwara State capital has given some indigent students scholarship.
The scholarship awards were announced during the maiden reunion ceremony, organised by the union.
Speaking with National Pilot yesterday, the Chairman, Onikahun Descendant Union, Isiaq Sidiq said, members of the extended family meet annually to offer prayers to God during Sallah celebration, in accordance to the precedence laid down by their fore bears.
“Our fathers had foresight and recognised the imperativeness of us coming together as a family in order to further cement our relationship and entrench our core values and identity.
“On our part, we have been able to move ahead of the purpose and initial mission of our parents by incorporating some assistance in the form of assisting school leavers who are desirous of furthering their education to higher institution but do not have the wherewithal,” he explained.
He said the union as part of its educational development programme, organises  extra-moral coaching classes for students in the Onikahun family as well aa   procuring JAMB forms for some of them.
Also speaking to this medium, the Missioner of the union, Imam Hawal Mohammed said the essence of the programme is to foster unity within the family, stressing that Islam preaches oneness.
“It is our duty as Muslims not to detest our origin; which is our family. Our forefathers were apt about this, as the reason they charged us the children to imbibe the spirit of oneness.”
He therefore called on philanthropist in Ilorin to complement the charity works of the union by assisting indigent students, empowering the youth among other  humanitarian assistance.


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