Remove sex and lot of people have nothing to offer in relationship – Juliet Ibrahim


Juliet Ibrahim feels if sex is removed from the equation, a number of people have nothing else to offer in a relationship.
The actress revealed this on her Instagram page on Monday, August 20, 2018, where she posted a photo of herself looking all sexy at a beach.
“Remove sex from a relationship, and you’ll discover that a lot of people have nothing to offer. #justsaying #ganjaburn #AQueenIEmbody #QueenStatus,” she wrote. As usual, it didn’t take long before she began to get a lot of comments on her Instagram page with fans and followers having divergent views.
Well sometimes when Juliet says these things, we feel like she is shaking a table which has so many people on it. The other time she called out people who pressure single people to get married.
Juliet Ibrahim might be speaking not just for herself but for a lot of people who are under pressure to get married as she wants you all to stop giving them sleepless nights. The beautiful actress made this known via her Instagram page on Sunday, August 6, 2018.
According to her, the pressure to get married should be stopped by people.
“Stop this habit of asking people to get married because their age-mates are married. Even you, some of your age mates have died but nobody has asked you to die, ” she wrote.
If you’ve taken a close look at Juliet’s social media messages lately, you will notice she has become more of a relationship expert or sometimes she just writes like she is shaking some tables.
Davido splashes N1m on lucky fan
Davido is at it again and this time he has splashed the sum of N1m a lucky fan on his Instagram page.
The pop star revealed this on Monday, August 20, 2018. According to him, all the lucky fan has to do is to “drop your Aza below” and stand a chance of becoming a million naira richer.
“For the Culture! ‘AZA DROPS 2MORO!! @peruzzi_vibes @duncanmighty IM PICKING THE WINNER RANDOMLY,” he captioned the photo. He also said he would be choosing the winner randomly.
At the end of the day, a follower with the handle @chinwendu_unachukwu emerged winner. She has however acknowledged receiving the money. Davido took to his insta stories where he posted a screen shoot of the credit alert from the winner.
Davido is one singer who has over the last few years not just become one of the biggest artists from Africa but also a very wealthy one. He is never shy to give out of his wealth to people and this has almost become a monthly routine.
Recall a few months ago when we were all stunned by a viral video of some staff of an airport thanking the superstar for helping pay the hospital bills of one of their own.

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