South African actress shares completely naked photo on Instagram


South African actress Khanyi Mbau goes totally naked in a post she made on her Instagram page and she then went further to write a note to be beautiful body in the caption.
In an interview with Times Live last year about her latest cosmetic surgery costs of R95 000, charismatic and glamorous TV personality Khanyi Mbau boldly said that her body is an investment. ‘I always say that the body is something that you use for everything.
Here’s what she had to say to her beautiful shape-shifting canvas:”I haven’t been the easiest to house – especially my spirit – because I have a slightly artistic idea to life. I’ve cut you, stitched you, changed you a few times, but you’ve remained loyal. You’ve been there every morning when I opened my eyes; you carry me to the shower and to work.
“When I cry, I sometimes hate you and feel like dying. I’ve threatened and offended you many times. But you’ve constantly been there.
“I’m happy that you’ve helped me jump up and throw my fists in the air in celebration. I’ve changed your colour. But you still allow me to look beautiful and explore even more. Here’s to another 90 years.”
“You may wrinkle, have a few stretch marks that I complain about, and maybe even a bit of cellulite here and there. I’ve poked you with so many needles to try and get rid of it. And you’ve felt the pain. But you still stood up and came back to me.
So Body, this is my letter to you. Thank you so much. Let’s walk this mile and make these memories, and let’s be iconic together. I love you.”

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