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Make welfare of masses priority, Imam Imale tasks politicians


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The Imam Imale of Ilorin, Sheikh Abdullahi AbdulHamid has charged politicians to let the welfare of masses be their mandate, adding that they deserved to be catered for.

He made the statement during his lecture at the workshop on “Al-Khatab: its role, importance and methodology” organised by Madrasat Mahshar Al-Huda Islamic Centre for all the Imams at Islamic Village, Ilorin West Local Government Area.

AbdulHamid further noted that if the welfare of the masses is prioritised, life will be easier and more comfortable for everyone including the rich.

The Cleric however, lauded the organisers of the workshop adding that they should do more for the Imams especially those at the grassroots to educate them on their role in the control of their community.

He said the Imams needs to understand and be informed of the responsibility of their calling because of the numbers of the followers they lead.

AbdulHamid said that the Imams have a lot to do to deliver the message of Allah to the masses and to caution them of the forbidden acts.

He said most of the Imams cannot do their work properly according to the will of God because of the economic situation in the country, stressing that those who don’t have any other source of income will not have the will and steadfastness to perform the work of God and can be easily influenced by the followers or members of the society.

“I want this organisation to focus on the Imam who lead the Jumaat prayer and the community Imam”

“The Imam that lack financial independence will not be able to talk to his followers because he depends on most of them. Imams should not rely on money meant for the maintenance of the mosque.

“The imam that finds it difficult to take care of his family, how would he present Islamic Knowledge to the public?”, he added.

Also, Imam Imale lamented government neglect of Imam unlike other countries where they are taken care of and therefore concentrate on their Islamic responsibility to the member of the public.

He called for support from well meaning members of Muslim Ummah to support the initiative of the organisation for the development of Islam.

Speaking, the founder of the organisation, Prof. Abdulkareem Yusuf said the boy will consider the challenge thrown upon them by Imam Imale to spread not only to the Imams in the community but to the others in the state and beyond.”

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