APC vs PDP: Buhari, ex-PDP chieftain disagree over Saraki


Former spokesman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State, Sulyman Buhari, has dismissed a comment by ex-state Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Rex Olawoye, on Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki.
Olawoye alleged that Saraki had promised most political office holders in the state automatic ticket for re-election in order to secure their support in 2019.
23 out of the 24 House of Assembly members, two Senators (Rafiu Adebayo, Kwara South and Shaaba Lafiagi, Kwara North), all the 6 members of the House of Representatives and all the 16 council chairmen in the state defected with Saraki.
He said, “It would have been an unfair deal for us to have stayed back in PDP after hearing of Saraki’s defection. What could have been our fate when he had already promised all those holding elective positions automatic tickets?
“That is our main grouse with him. His style is at variance with African culture of giving respect to the landlord of the house. At the APC, even though we are more in number we had settled for 50/50 share of portfolios.
“This is pure democracy at work. The earlier we inculcate this virtue in us the better for democracy and the future of our children.”
Reacting, Buhari said Olawoye’s claim was false, insisting that Saraki is a respecter of law and could not have promised anyone automatic tickets.
He said, “Our leader is a team player and had at no time contemplated complete takeover of the PDP as alleged. He believes in democratic norms and would do everything within the ambit of relevant laws to guard it jealously.
“The truth is that Olawoye and his group had already decided on what they would do even before Saraki joined the PDP. So, it would be unfair to stigmatize our leader as lacking in democratic norms.”

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