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Yusuf Olanrewaju Alabi is a Lagos based businessman who hails from Ojoku, Oyun local government in Kwara South. In this interview, he speaks on his House of Representatives aspiration among other sundry issue in the polity. Excerpts

What motivated you into politics?

First is the desire to serve my people and secondly I was born into it. My dad Hon. Yakeen Alabi has always been an active politician. It’s something I grew up to study learn and understand.

As a starter why are you gunning for the House of Representatives seat?

(Laughter) I guess you mean starter for elective post because I have been behind the scene long before now. Besides, it’s not about me but where the people believe I will serve them optimally. Again I believe every elective post is important but I agreed to serve at the federal House of Representatives because of my desire to be a part of the federal legislatures that makes laws for the betterment of the Kwarans and Nigerians at large.

How would you assess development in the state under Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed?

The Governor has performed impressively especially in the area of revenue generation. He has performed creditably well within the available resources and I can only encourage him to do more to improve the lot of the state and continue to wish him the very best in his future endeavours.

What is your take on the leadership style of Senate President and National leader of the PDP, Dr Bukola Saraki?

Dr Bukola Saraki’s leadership style is very effective and imperative. He runs a structure that gives everyone a sense of belonging from wards to local and state levels.

There are moves by some politicians in the fold of APC to impeach the Senate President. What is your comment on this?

In my opinion that is what democracy is all about. Impeachment is a constitutional issue. In this instance, APC senators alone don’t have the numbers because you need 2/3 of all senators to carry out impeachment. Again, as it’s common knowledge that my leader, Dr. Bukola Saraki is a master strategist and the political mathematician of our time, he is very much on top of his game, why not relax and watch as the master player does what he knows best. Let’s see as things unfold in coming weeks.

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