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Cleric tasks Muslims on alms giving


By Ahmed Ajikobi

The visiting Imam of Sultanat Mosque Adewole Estate, Ilorin, Ustaz Ibrahim Hanafi Ayara has charged all the Muslims to embarked on arm giving to the less privilege.

He said, the act of giving arm to the needy is very important adding that Almighty Allah will be happy with any Muslim who engage in the act.

 The Imam disclosed this at the mosque during the Juma’at service sermon before the congregational traditional two Rakat that Muslims should emulate Prophet Mohammed in arm giving.

“Prophet dash things out to the needy to see the goodness of Allah to the extent that he collects debt to help people.”

Ayara further stressed that Muslims don’t need to wait till they have millions before they help others adding that small amount of money can solve one’s life.

“Muslims should help others you don’t need to have millions before you can help your fellow brothers and sisters.

“Do good small amount can solve one problem. If you have money, give those who don’t have beside you.”

The imam charged Muslims to envy those who spend their money to the development of Islam.

He also tasked Muslims to learn how to forgive and forget any sin against themselves adding that forgiveness is another habit of prophet that Muslims should emulate.

Ayara said, “most us today forgive but we don’t forget. Anyone who wants to see the goodness of Allah should emulate prophet and learn how to forgive and forget one sin.”

He added that “If anyone do you bad revenge back in doing good deeds to that person. If Muslims pay back bad with bad it’s an act of sin and prophet dislike such habit anyone who do so.

“Anyone who doesn’t learn how to forgive and forget in life will not see the forgiveness from Allah.”

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