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‘Lifeless’ Buhari: Cry not Oh ye Nigeria

When the say men don’t need nipples

With Adetunji Ayobrown

Anyone that can talk too much is liable to say something stupid and foolish and the end of it all is ready put himself at the mercy of his listeners. Calling someone you cannot create ‘lifeless’ is rather not too offensive but any day, it is not a forgivable misdemeanour in the diplomatic world.
It is however not surprising that the Trump is really at the mercy of his listeners across the globe, even his friends and associates disagreed with most of his verses and comments.
When they had the opportunity, it is not shocking that the United States Government refused to comment or deny a statement credited to its President Donald Trump, that Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari was “lifeless”, following the latter’s visit to the White House earlier this year. Some say its Trump’s calling spade a spade while others are of the opinion that language can be too tricky and at times funny.
News source quoting Counselor for Public Affairs, US Embassy, Aruba Amirthanayagam, who visited in Minna, Niger State after the brouhaha said “the US government have no specific comment on that, a newspaper published it, the paper should comment on it”…what a clever refusal, many reacted with disdain.
Nigerians angrily disagreed with Trump’s position on our dear President, Buhari saying even if he feels so strong that way, it would have been better kept secret, and to himself alone. The ruling party is losing sleep and seriously worried that the comment had reduced Buhari’s market value. Don’t swim close to a drowning man, an adage the APC fail to remember when they got the invitation, happiness turn sour, one can only but imagine how joyous they were during the White House visit. Food is almost free in US, they say, no doubt, best of American delicacies and wines will be at beck and call…but all that for nothing?… is rather amazing.
Trump is quick to forget that ‘oku Aja ta ju aye re lo’ …lifeless dog sells better and even cost more than its living, all apologies to the dog eaters.
Amirthanayagam said that the US government and its people is only interested in the coming Nigeria’s 2019 general election and only wants the winner to be elected in a transparent, free and fair poll and ready to do all necessary to assist Nigerian government.
Buhari met with Trump earlier in the year, the first African president to meet the US president in the White House. Later Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta was the second African leader to be hosted by Trump to discuss security and other bilateral issues. Trump’s remarks came after Buhari’s visit to the White House, said a BBC report quoting Financial Times…what a prank I would say.
Africa has never been high on his radar but if the big guy likes you he’ll find a way to make things work, an unnamed source reportedly told the Financial Times ahead of a meeting between Trump and Kenyatta.
During their meeting Trump reportedly asked Buhari what the situation was with “that Boca Haram” referring to Boko Haram and also showed little understanding of the conflict between herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria, owing it only to a religious divide and a Christian genocide.
Trump’s condescension towards Africa has included calling it a “sh*thole”, his mispronunciation of Namibia as “Nambia” and his latest tweet weighing in on the matters of land ownership in South Africa.
It is quite obvious that most of his twits are always controversial, maybe it is intentional just to create topics for discussion was on purpose. ‘Eni to bata ara ile re lopo, ko le rira ni owon’…followers of Trump are used to his insults and vulgar choice of words, each day comes with different comments that a tagged ‘satanic’ in our newsroom.
Trust the opposition, they never disappoint me in their reaction, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said the President opened up the nation to international ridicule, Kola Ologbondiyan, national publicity secretary of party, said “such embarrassment is the backlash Nigeria gets when incompetent leaders, out of inferiority complex, resort to jumping around the world, desperately shopping for endorsement from other world leaders”.
Several reactions too numerous to mention and  arguments ensued on the social media between those described as the for(s) and against(s) groups. Those that belongs to the ‘for’ are the people who are of the opinion that, it serves Nigeria well, as we deserve this kind of maltreatment. Those on the other side stand against it.
For instance, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar through his twitter handle @atiku said: “This is why I am running for President to get Nigeria working again… ti nila iya ba gbeni sanle, kekeke ama gori eni… seizing the opportunity, Atiku plugged-in on the bad situation.
Even, former President Goodluck Jonathan’s aide, Reno Omokri, through his account @renoomokri said: “If the leader of the free world can’t stand @MBuhari and believes that he is ‘lifeless’, can Nigeria expect any cooperation from the West with Buhari in charge?” also feast on it.
“We need an assertive leader who can look Trump in the eye and say NO! Buhari is not that leader.”, someone wrote.
Henry Shield @henryshield said: “Every U.S. President has access to high-level, top-secret, intelligence reports on major situations around the world.
Rather than laugh at @realDonaldTrump’s calling of President Buhari ‘lifeless’, we should ask if there is something he knows that Nigerians don’t”…nice reaction if you ask me.
Onajinrin Olusegun @onajinrinoluse2, said: “No matter our political differences or the dislike for the present government, the President symbolises us as a people. Clapping for Trump describing the president as lifeless, shows us as the most lifeless people”…good Nigerian.
Meanwhile, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State, Tayo Awodiji, has carpeted Trump for referring to President Buhari as ‘lifeless.’ Awodiji, a senatorial aspirant in Kwara State said Trump’s comment against Buhari smacked of disrespect.
However, the for(s) were united is demanding a retraction of the statement from Trump, citing many international treaties and sovereignty, so also the even the age-long relationship that existed between the two countries.
While the against(s), see this as ‘campaign after election’, they were of the view that all that not necessary, that Nigeria should mend its clothe were torn.
All in all, I will say words are fossils in this world of civilisation…caution on the part of people like Trump.
And for the APC, I see this situation as case of fighting bravely for a losing course, though it is admirable, but fighting for a winning cause is far more rewarding.
Ayobrown, Senior System Analyst, National Pilot Newspaper, writes via

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