Offences considered professional misconduct


Do you know that it is a punishable offence when an Officers:

1.       Drinks with their Berets on.

2.       Eats with their Berets on.

3.       Hug someone while in uniform.

4.       Wears uniform without nametag.

5.       Walks about without Berets.

6.       Wears any type of slipper on uniform.

7.       Salutes wrongly.

8.       Urinates indiscriminately in uniform.

9.       Sleeps on duty.

10.     Junior Officers who does not pay complement to           superior officer.

11.     Senior Officers not receiving complement from their Junior officer.

12.     Officers chewing gum in uniform

13.     Officers wearing long earrings.

14.     Officers using both hands to carry items while in uniform.

15.     Female Officers wearing long hairstyle.

16.     Female Officers wearing make up in uniform.

17.     Female Officers backing baby in uniform.

18.     Wears any form of religious wears while on uniform.

19.     Wearing of shoes without shoelace.

These are some common mistakes done by uniform personnel’s please take note.

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